Our Story

We got started because we want to create the Best Digital Performance Marketing company in the world.

The story of Zen Anchor begins at the end of 2012. The company was born after an experience traveling through Europe and coming back to work at a normal 9-5 big ad agency job with a bloated team, unsatisfied clients and underperforming campaigns.

I had some frustration with how the online advertising landscape was ran, and how ineffective big ad agencies had become.

Big agencies are wasteful.
They have no soul or passion for the campaigns they deploy. They have no sense of the budgets they’re managing. They have no connection to the customers they’re engaging.

Zen was born out of a need to create more meaningful high performing ad campaigns. It can be done in a cost effective manner with a leaner team.

The problem we had (at first) was that we had no clients. Also, we didn’t have a team. In 2013, I went ahead and posted to Reddit.com asking if anyone needed help running Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns. I was willing to work for free just to build a portfolio of work. That’s how our first clients came in, and how our first employee came on.

With our first clients came our first wins, but most importantly, our first failures. We took those failures, reviewed, reflected and adapted our campaigns. By 2015 the company had partnered with a strategic management consultancy as their premier digital marketing partner and we went from managing small business accounts with spend of $1k per month, to overseeing $500k monthly budgets – working with the digital teams at AARP, Guardian Insurance, and Avis Car Rental.

By 2016, what started as a side hustle born out of Reddit, had became a successful company with full time employees and satisfied clients. 

We’re now on quest to build the best remote-based digital performance marketing company in the world.

Join us in the journey.


Meet The Team

Gary Spagnoli

Founder / CEO

A technical online marketer, web developer and entrepreneur. Gary has been providing strategy, account management, automated ad scripts and analytics support for companies for over 10 years.  He's deployed and ran multiple online businesses over the years.

When he's not writing Google Ad scripts to scale accounts, he's either playing hockey, performing Second City improv or reading another book off of his Goodreads list.

Nick Nelli

PPC Director

Nick has been managing digital marketing campaigns for the past 7 years.  Nick has managed over $15M in annual media spend for everything from startups to Fortune 50 clients.

In a prior life, Nick taught English in South Korea for 4 years, where he met his wife. Nick enjoys spending time with his family, managing multiple fantasy football and baseball teams, and watching the Atlanta Braves and Falcons.

John Gaffigan

Customer Service Manager

John has led sales teams from start-ups through Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of technologies:  Telecom, Datacom, InfoSec, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Services.  

John was drawn to Zen Anchor’s value prop of creative social media campaigns that beneficially impact emerging technology companies.  John facilitates direct client and channel partner alliance development for Zen Anchor.

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